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Organic Jasmine Golden Monkey

Feel Like a Tea with All Benefits and Delicious MagictoListIdeal for those are in search of flavors combined all benefits - magical would even say; Organic Jasmine Golden Monkey A superlative tea that unites first-class organic elements, an array of decadent flavors and pave the way to a multitude of health benefits only surpassed by it superior taste.

Pros of Organic Jasmine Golden Monkey Tea

Among tea aficionados, Organic Jasmine Golden Monkey is well-loved for a number of reasons. For starters, it is organically grown; in other words the tea leaves are cultivated without being exposed to harmful synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. By choosing organic tea, you are not only helping with farming the sustainable way but also protecting the environment. Moreover, the best part about an organic tea is that it does not have added chemicals which can deteriorate its taste and health benefits.

Golden Monkey is a tea called so due to its "shaggy golden tips" that accompany this excellent quality premium leaf, which also reflect the wonderful color of teacup after infusion as there's hint of honey in it. The most unique about Organic Jasmine Golden Monkeys from Stash Tea are its great complexity - all starts with smooth body and ends (delicate Yin Zhen white tips) and pairs Chocolate truffle oolong notes harmoniously well together for some wow! moments. It exudes a bewitching scent of jasmine flowers that adds light and sweet nuances to the tea, which you can continue demonstrating after relishing it on your cup. In addition, you can see from its color that Organic Jasmine Golden Monkey is full of antioxidants to protect against free radicals and keep your mind sharp.

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When it comes to tea, its quality lies in the manufacturing process. In this case, Organic Jasmine Golden Monkey tea is a wonderful product since it combines an exceptional taste with the utmost safety (it goes through strict testing for pesticides such as Glyfosate) and teeming health-boosting properties. Tea leaves are handpicked and carefully sorted according to a strictly quality standard, then processed through sun-drying methods which combine both leisure drying with slow baking techniques that preserves the flavor (yeh, all those precious lipids!) of the tea leaf. The tea comes in an airtight tin which preserves the freshness of the tea for years.

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