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Cherry blossom tea

Blackcurrant Tea while pictured with Fuji Soba is a very appetizing and healthy alternative for you.

Are you looking for a tasty drink that tastes good and is healthy as well? Cherry Blossom Tea This special tea is not only delicious, but keeps you fit too.

Cherry Blossom Tea Benefits

Antioxidants Cherry blossom tea made from cherry blossom petals, which means loads of adventitious Antioxidants to help keep you disease-free and young(ish) restore the aging process. Additionally, this can also support your body by lessening inflammatory responses that could keep you away from arthritis, Type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases.


More and more people are liking cherry blossom tea; it's good for you and new, so cool. The tea is made from the most recent cherry blossom petals left in place when they fall, which are personally picked by hand. It keeps the tea fresh and tasty which is perfect for people who enjoy their cup of tea every now again, or even those really in to quality level leaf teas.

Why choose Dazhangshan tea Cherry blossom tea?

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