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Dazhangshan Organic Tea Plantation was awarded the "Carlo Scarpa International Horticultural Award"

Apr 19, 2023 1


On May 11, 2019, the elites from all walks of life in the ancient city of Treviso, Italy, gathered at the historic ancient Opera House to witness a grand award ceremony of extraordinary significance. Mr. Luciano Benetton, founder of the Benetton Foundation, formally awarded Chairman Hong Peng with the "Carlo Scarpa International Horticulture Award" in recognition of the outstanding ecological excellence of the Dazhangshan Tea Plantation, which takes into account the economic benefits, the humanistic landscape and the natural environment in a harmonious coexistence.


Award Ceremony Site - Ancient Opera House, Treviso, Italy


Mr Benetton, Founder of the Foundation, presenting a medal to Hong Peng, Chairman of

Tea Garden


Chairman Hong Peng delivered a speech


Trophy for the "Carlo Scarpa International Horticultural Award

For many years, the "Carlo Scarpa International Horticultural Award" has been enjoying a high status in the industry, equivalent to the Nobel Prize in the international horticultural sector. This is the first time for China to win this prestigious international horticulture award. The Dazhangshan Ecological Tea Garden integrates the historical tea culture, combines the modern healthy agro-ecological standard, and perfectly illustrates the humanistic concept of "unity of man and nature", and is therefore highly esteemed by the Benetton Foundation. This honor belongs to the hard-working tea farmers of Wuyuan, and it is also a new milestone of China's horticultural level, and it is also a valuable record for China's agriculture and forestry cause to make remarkable achievements.


Dazhangshan Tea Garden's 2019 Tour Theme


Dazhangshan Tea Garden's 2019 Tour Theme


Book on Dazhangshan Tea Estate published by Benetton Foundation

Founded in 1990 by Luciano Benetton, Chairman of the famous Italian clothing company Benetton, the Benetton Academic Research Foundation is dedicated to the discovery and promotion of outstanding gardens and landscapes around the world. "The Carlo Scarpa International Horticultural Award" selects each year a garden that exemplifies the harmonious coexistence of humanity and ecology, with the aim of promoting and disseminating the local culture of "landscape governance".


Chairman Hong Peng with Mr Benetton, Founder of the Foundation

洪鹏董事长与基金会主席Marco Tamaro先生合影

Chairman Hong Peng with Mr Marco Tamaro, President of the Foundation


Chairman Hong Peng with the main staff of the Foundation


Chairman Hong Peng with the Mayor of Treviso

Italy Benetton Academic Research Foundation awarded the 2019 "Carlo Scarpa International Horticultural Award" to Dazhangshan Tea Plantation, which is not only a recognition of Dazhangshan Tea Plantation, but also an encouragement for Dazhangshan Tea Plantation to move forward. We will continue to adhere to the concept of "maintaining ecological harmony and producing green organic tea", so that more people can experience the good and healthy green tea.


Previous winners

Since 1990, 29 places around the world have been honoured with this award.

1990, 01st edition, Barra de Guaratiba (Brazil)

1991, 02nd, Special Prize, Rosario Assunto (Italy)

1992, 03rd, Sissinghurst Castle (UK)

1993, 04th edition, Jardin des Letts (France)

1994, 05th, Avenue of Heroes by Brannoci (Romania)

1995, 06th, Forest of Memory (Denmark)

1996, 07th, Fresnedad de Escorial (Spain)

1997, 08th, Garden Kingdom of Dessauwolitz (Germany)

1998, 09th, Monastery of Tibanyeş (Portugal)

1999, 10th, Quarries of Cusa (Italy)

2000, 11th, Marrakech Agdal (Morocco)

2001, 12th, Castelvecchio of Verona (Italy)

2002, 13th, Prague Garden Castle (Czech Republic)

2003, 14th, Ancient Road opposite the Acropolis (Greece)

2004, 15th, Konjensas Memorial Park (Denmark)

2005, 16th, Dale Abu Mazi (Egypt)

2006, 17th, Bavona Valley (Sweden)

2007, 18th, Jasenovac Memorial Site (Croatia)

2008, 19th, Museum Square, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

2009, 20th, Otaniemi Church (Finland)

2010, 21st, Dura Europos (Syria)

2011, 22nd, Tanisha Banri (Benin)

2012, 23rd, St Anthony of Boscodi (Italy)

2013, 24th, Skruse, Napper (Iceland)

2014, 25th, Osmarsai and Berezani (Bosnia)

2015, 26th, Palermo (Italy)

2016, 27th, Tien Shan (Kazakhstan)

2017, 28th, Cactus Garden (Spain)

2018, 29th, Flat-topped hills of Ballycastle (Ireland)

2019, 30th, Dazhangshan Organic Tea Garden, Wuyuan, Jiangxi, China

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