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Tea Bag

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Green Tea Bags
Green Tea Bags
Green Tea Bags
Green Tea Bags
Green Tea Bags
Green Tea Bags
Green Tea Bags
Green Tea Bags
Green Tea Bags
Green Tea Bags

Green Tea Bags

Minimum Quantity:500KG



All of our bagged black teas come from the organic tea base of Dazhangshan Company, and the products have been certified organic by the European Union, with a tea plantation area of about xxx acres and an annual production capacity of xxxx tonnes.Green tea bags, also known as green tea bags, are generally wrapped in filter paper into a single chamber or double chamber shape. When brewing with the bag in the cup or pot, drinking convenient health, easy to carry. In the office to make a cup of green tea bags, both to relieve fatigue, but also not delayed, by many consumers like.Green tea bags has the functions of sunscreen, radiation protection, fat reduction, anti-bad breath, anti-aging, anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, anti-gastric, and digestion promotion.


Ingredients & Information

  • Product Name

  • Green Tea Bags

  • Grade

  • Tea Bag

  • Shelf Life

  • 3 Years

  • Ingredients

  • Pure Organic

  • Content

  • 100%Tea

  • Address

  • Wuyuan, Jiangxi, China

  • Instruction for use

  • Soak in boiling water at 80-90°C

  • Manufacturer

  • Jiangxi Wuyuan Dazhangshan Organic Food Co.,ltd

  • Sample

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