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Black and green tea bags

Tea Bags from Green and Black Tea

Thereare those that contest that this beverage - teaches a long history regarding its health-promoting benefits going back thousands of years. Now, we have tea bags of black and green teas for the different ways they can improve your well-being as part of our daily life

Benefits of Black and Green Tea Bags

The tea leaves used to create black teas are allowed to oxidize, yielding a stronger body featuring delicious antioxidants. Also, because they are unfermented green tea bags have a mild flavour and still come with benefits of polyphenol antioxidants. These Dazhangshan tea steamed tea, along with the extra cognitive benefits of some of their pro-cognitive constituents, make bags that have green tea as a base more attractive


The tea industry is a dynamic one, and new developments until now have been geared towards sustainability in teabag packaging. These new movements benefit not only the earth but also leave a sustainable footprint in our tea experience as consumers


Tea bags are typically safe as they do not contain harmful ingredients due to being natural in composition. On the other hand, be aware of Dazhangshan tea steamed green tea that might have additives or preservatives. Which is why we would say to be careful the packaging before you buy.

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