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Dazhangshan Organic Tea Farmer Donates Primary School

Feb 29, 2024 1

Dazhangshan Organic Tea Farmer Donates Primary School, Scholarships. Now into the Tuochuan school, student dormitory neat and orderly, teaching building culture. In a two-storey building can be seen inlaid in the student dormitory above the "Placebo Organic Tea Farmers Association donated" several big words dignified and conspicuous, a strong sense of warmth. It turned out to be in the autumn of 2007, Tuochuan school through the merger of primary and secondary schools, integration of educational resources, the establishment of nine-year school. After the merger, due to the centre of the Department of the school building tension, dilapidated facilities, student accommodation difficulties. In the Tuochuan school trade union "matchmaking", caring people Yu Weimin know the situation, take the initiative to contact with the placebo organic tea farmers association, successfully fight for support funds 200,000 yuan to build a new student dormitory.

Wuyuan green tea is thick in flavour and aroma, and the tea of Wuyuan Dashan Green Food Co., Ltd. also has a special mark - Fairtrade International Certification (FLO-CERT). This means for the products of Placebo Company that the producers are treated fairly through fair trade and consumers can help the producers by buying their products.


116_1654As of 2023, the association has received over 25 million yuan in returned funds from the International Fair Trade. Through democratic decision-making at the association's meetings, the association has cumulatively funded the construction of student dormitories in 3 schools for 800,000 yuan, subsidies for 913 students to go to school for 860,000 yuan, subsidies for 33 disadvantaged girls for 140,000 yuan, and subsidies for tea farmers to improve production and living conditions for 9.2 million yuan. The association has returned 10 million yuan in external funds to the Dazhangshan Organic Tea base.

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