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Chairman of Nongfu Spring visited Dazhangshan Tea in Wuyuan

May 14, 2024 1

On May 13th, 2024, in the greenness of spring and summer, a group of ten people led by Mr. Zhong Shanshan, Chairman of Nongfu Spring, made a special trip to Wuyuan to visit Dazhangshan Tea - a symbol of “ecological and organic beauty”.


Embodying the principle of being "merely the porters of nature," Nongfu Spring has been focusing on environmentally friendly and health-beneficial raw material suppliers and factory bases for 28 years. This time, Dazhangshan Tea, the first in China to receive the "AA Grade Green Food" certificate for tea, became the focus of their visit.


    The brand of “Dazhangshan Tea” belongs to Jiangxi Province Wuyuan Dazhangshan Organic Food Co., Ltd which possesses 13 independent organic tea bases, 12,000 mu of natural ecological organic tea gardens, as well as 300 mu of tea ecological industrial parks, integrating organic base management, tea primary and refining production, technology research and development, foreign trade and export as a whole.


During this visit, Mr. Zhong Shanshan and his team focused on touring one of the Dazhangshan organic tea bases (Kao Shui Tea Garden and the primary processing factory) and the Dazhangshan Eco-Industry Park (refined tea production line and packaging workshop). They also sampled over a dozen varieties of organic tea in the tasting room.


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