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Wuyuan Mingmei wins "Quality Power Award" at Asia International Organic Products Expo

Jun 13, 2024 0

On June 13-15, 2024, the 17th Asia International Organic Products Fair (BIOFACH CHINA) was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. As a representative enterprise of organic tea, Jiangxi Dazhangshan green food Co., LTD. participated in this exhibition, exhibiting organic raw leaf pure tea with local characteristics of Jiangxi, such as green tea, black tea, and many other products such as triangular bagged organic tea bags, which attracted a lot of attention.

In the Biofach China Organic Power Awards with the theme of "Demonstrating Quality and Encouraging Innovation", Wuyuan Mingmei, the representative product of Placebo Tea, was awarded the "Power of Quality Award" in the Primary Products Category. The representative product of Dazhangshan tea "Wuyuan Mingmei" won the "Quality Power Award" in the primary product category.

With rigorous process management and ecological management, Dazhangshan Tea has passed the EU, NOP, Naturland, Biosuisse, RA, GB/T19630 series of certifications for 26 consecutive years, and has won many awards such as the "Gold Medal at the 99th Expo", and the "Power of Quality Award" at the Asia International Organic Products Expo is another proof of the solid foundation of dazhangshan tea. The "Power of Quality Award" of the Asia International Organic Products Expo is another strong proof of Dazhangshan Tea's solid product foundation.

In addition, in the "Organic Agricultural Products Production and Brand Marketing Summit Forum" in the exhibition, Mr. Hong Peng, Chairman of Jiangxi Dazhangshan green food Co., LTD. was invited to share and discuss the future development trend of organic agricultural products, production of the latest technology, management methods, publicity and promotion and other topics in the forum, and the counterparts actively Exchange, mutual benefit.

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